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Taste and composition of the 'Gentse Triple'

We chose to create a blond beer, because since several years the darker beers were less popular in and around Ghent. It appeared that bitter and light-aromatic tastes are preferred by the public. Concerning the percentage of alcohol, a 7 or 8% is liked best, which gives a sufficient "body" and steadiness of taste.
To unite this findings, two sorts of malts were selected, which give the beer a nice full blond color and a round and fine taste. To reach the bitterness, we chose German, Tsjech and Austrian hops with strong aroma's. A modest amount of herbs are added which, allthough they are not easy to isolate, contribute to the whole, resulting in a almost dry, but still full taste with a light bitter, aromatic aftertaste.

Beer and headache: truth or tale?

How harmful is our nobel brew for our ever so nobel brains? Fantasy and speculation have created fantastic stories concerning the feared hangover.
Let us take a closer look at the phenomenon 'hangover'. Not only there is the splitting headache, our whole body is . . Concerning the headache, scientists are quite sure that this is caused by small contaminations of the beer. These are actually byproducts of the yeastcells which are found in the beer in very small amounts, but enough to irregulate our brains. The so-called low-fermentation yeasts produce a lot more of these contaminations than the high-fermentation yeasts. Also the temperature during fermentation plays a big part, and last but not least, the resources. The tales about headaches are therefore, and not entirely uncorrect, linked to a certain brand of pilsner. It is in fact true that all pilsners provoque headaches. The bad effect can be significantly reduced by a good control of the temperature and longer lager(rest)times, which neutralise harmful substances. If you want to avoid headaches, it is therefore better to switch to beers of high fermentation and, even more important, with fermentation in the bottle. this kind of yeast forms les contaminations as it is, and the fementation in the bottle turns the harmful substances into unharmful. The longer the fermentation in the bottle (=the older the beer), the better it should be.

, a hangover isn't only headaches. There is also the so-called indigestion, which irregulates our system. This is nothing more than taking in too much calories, more than our body can process. To avoid this, you should choose for beers that give a "light" sensation in your mouth. This seems like a subjective term, but research has shown that not only the caloric value (amount of alcohol + sugars) of the beer causes the problems, but moreso the "density". This density is experianced as a fealing of heaviness in the mouth, especielly at the back of the tongue. These kinds of beers should be drunk very slowly and occasionaly.
Bearing this facts in mind, we started our search for a brewer who, with the best resources, the right yeastcells and a scientificaly correct brewingprocess, could deliver a beer according to our recipe. Several experiments have resulted in the birth of the 'gentse tripel', 'blondine' and 'brunette', 'stropken' and 'hoppe pils'..
Given that we do not produce ourselves, and can independantly choose the brewery, the productionprocess and resources, we as distributors find ourselves in an ideal position to bring out these kind of beers. Op Uw gezondheid!

Description of Blondine and Brunette

These beers are brewn in brewery Van steenbergen in Ertvelde. Only pure malt is used, which adds to the slight amber colour of the Blondine. It is impossible to brew a perfect blond beer out of pure malts, because the malt itself is always slightly coloured, and this shows in beers with 7% vol. and more. The distinct taste was obtained the typical way of brewing at Van Steenberge, and by adding herbs and aroma's as koriander and dried orangepeal. For the fermentation in the bottle we use a special kind of yeast, not found in other beers of the brewery. Both beers are made entirely seperate.


This was our first. A beer that has changed a lot over the years, reflecting our search for a tasteful, balanced quality-beer. Based on a recipe that came forth from years of experiance, a amber-coloured beer with a round taste was the result. Stropken is now since several years brewn at brewery "Bios" in Ertvelde.

What is common in all Hopduvel-beers

an original own composition
because we, as a distributor of regional beers, are neutral towards the production of beer, we can objectively search for the taste and interest of the consumer, and choose to brew where we find the best price for quality

a specially controlled brewingprocess
This maintains the byproducts, formed during the fermentation (higher alcohols), to an absolute minimum. -------. result: a beer that could not cause any hangovers, not even when you should try.

A main fermentation with more than only one kind of yeast
This garantees a thorough processing of the sugars that are found in the wort, and ensures a better stability of the beer.

Fermentation in the bottle.
This keeps the beer alive, evolving in taste, and makes sure that it preserves almost unlimited. You should therefore not mind the expirationdate that we are obliged to put on the bottles.




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